SecurityGateway for Email Servers


License size needs to follow the number of email addresses to be filtered by SecurityGateway.



Security Gateway for Email Servers offers Protection from External Email Threats, Protection from Internal Email Threats, Administrator Options, Performance Features, and Detailed Logs and Comprehensive Reports. Security Gateway’s simple and easy-to-use features analyze, manage, and report on the inbound and outbound email traffic patterns of Microsoft Exchange Server or any other SMTP email server.

  • Easy Administration
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • User Quarantine Reports
  • DLP & Custom Rule Filters
  • And Many More Features…

External Email Threat Features

Security  Gateway for Email Servers - Message Scoring

SecurityGateway performs a variety of security tests on inbound email messages, to block outside threats from gaining access to your system. Performing multiple tests on inbound messages helps ensure that spammers don’t have a single point of entry which they can exploit.

  • AntiSpam
  • AntiVirus
  • AntiSpoofing
  • Email Authentication
  • AntiAbuse
  • Filtering
  • Blacklists
  • Whitelists

Internal Email Threat Features

Security  Gateway for Email Servers - Data Leak Prevention

SecurityGateway is an effective email security solution that not only blocks threats from outside of your network, but also from inside. SecurityGateway’s data leak prevention and policy enforcement features help ensure that sensitive company data is safe.

  • Data Leak Prevention
  • Policy Enforcement using Sieve Filter Language
  • Encryption: SSL and TLS
  • Automatically Redirect HTTP Requests to HTTPS

Administrator Features

Security  Gateway for Email Servers - Dashboard

SecurityGateway offers flexible protection with simple, easy-to-use settings for trouble-free administration. Administrative features help automate processes such as adding domains and users.

  • Available in Multiple Languages
  • Flexible User Interface
  • Domains and Users
  • Multiple Domain Mail Handling
  • Per-Domain IP Addresses
  • Message Quarantine Options
  • Email Archiving
  • Database Maintenance
  • Disclaimer Available in Headers and Footers
  • Private Account Options

Performance Features

Security  Gateway for Email Servers - Defense Layer Customization

SecurityGateway can be fine-tuned for optimal performance. Defense Layer Customization allows administrators to change the order in which security rules will execute, while bandwidth throttling can be used to prevent email services from using all available bandwidth.

  • Defense Layer Customization
  • Bandwidth Throttling

Detailed Logs and Comprehensive Reports

Security  Gateway for Email Servers - AntiSpam Reports

SecurityGateway provides detailed logs for administrators and users, showing the status of each email (delivered, quarantined, rejected) – and why it was rejected or quarantined. Its comprehensive reporting helps administrators identify mail traffic patterns and potential problems. These logs and reports provide an at-a-glance overview of email traffic, as well as antivirus and anti-spam activity.

  • Detailed Logs
  • Comprehensive Real-Time Charting Reports


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